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2 January 2008

Up from the skies

One of those stories almost too good to be true, as recounted in Wikipedia:

In the final stages of the album's production, a studio technician renamed the [Jimi Hendrix] album "Electric Landlady." The album was almost released under this title until Hendrix noticed it, which upset him considerably. Kirsty MacColl later used this alternate title for an album of her own.

I picked up Electric Landlady when it came out; it was not much of a hit — neither "Walking Down Madison" nor "My Affair," released as singles, charted in the States — but it spent a lot of time in my CD player, and still gets the occasional spin. Would I have bought it were it not for the Hendrix twist? I'm not really sure; I knew who she was, and I was familiar with Tracey Ullman's remakes of MacColl songs, but the title probably sealed the deal.

On the other hand, Kathy Shaidle would have sold me a copy of her e-book even if it hadn't been titled Acoustic Ladyland: Kathy Shaidle Unplugged. It's always fun watching the words go by when she's on a tear, and these "B-sides and rarities," as she describes them, were new to me; I wasn't reading the Toronto Star back then, and God knows I don't have any reason to read it now. She'll set you up with a sample chapter, even. The motivations here are clear:

Well, the chances of me ever publishing a "real" book again are pretty slim. E-book-ing lets me control everything and keep most of the revenue (instead of the 7% or so most "real" authors get in royalties).

Now I'll have to hunt down a copy of God Rides a Yamaha, a title worthy of a Highway Chile.

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