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2 January 2008

Which explains their current state

Apparently the fact that CompUSA is liquidating has not motivated them to mend their ways on their deathbed. Witness the following:

I saw a pack of DVD-R blanks with a couple of different price tags on it. There was one that said $4.99, and partially on top of that, one that said $9.99. The shelf signs offered another 15% off of that.

Upon taking it to the register, I was told that it was in fact $9.99. When I inquired, I was asked how they couldn't tell if I'd applied the $4.99 sticker myself. I pointed out that it had the same item number, and was partially underneath the higher price tag.

"Oh yeah. I guess you couldn't have done that then." The girl informed me that she was unable to give me the lower, marked price.

I remarked how good a deal it was for them — do a 100% markup on the product, then offer a 15% discount. Nicely done guys.

Heck, they could double the price, then mark it off 40 percent, and make it look even better.

Then again, these are the folks who once tried to sell me a service contract on an SD card.

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Poor CompUSA, they can't even go out of business right.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 9:43 PM on 2 January 2008