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9 January 2008

While the writers' strike goes on

New game shows, of course! Tickle the Angry Scorpion (doesn't that sound like a band name?) might be a hit, though I've got my doubts about Do Calculus While We Poke You.

Then again, what I really want to see is Estonian Idol.

Posted at 9:29 AM to Almost Yogurt

I personally like "Stop Hitting Yourself: the Endurance Challenge."

But I suppose that's because my mind's been warped by too many years of The Simpsons and I can imagine Nelson Muntz as the moderator on that.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 10:12 AM on 9 January 2008

How about "Who Wants to Create a Reality Show"...?

"Are You Smarter than a Network Executive?"

"Pimp My News"

Posted by: McGehee at 11:50 AM on 9 January 2008