The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 February 2008

A model of restraint

The Ford Center schedule for this fall is coming together, and there's one word conspicuous by its absence: "Sonics." General manager Gary Desjardins explains:

"We don't know what's going to happen. We still have to conduct business. If the Sonics come, certainly we'll end up having to make some changes. But right now we still have an obligation to book the building and schedule events."

And the primary tenant, in the absence of the NBA, is the CHL's Oklahoma City Blazers, although the Blazers' lease specifies that any NBA team gets first crack at any particular date.

Mayor Cornett isn't worried:

"Are we going to be able to host 41 NBA games on a fairly short notice? Yes. Absolutely. There shouldn't be any conflict between the NBA and the Blazers. Hockey and basketball teams coexist all over."

On balance, this seems to be the proper stance: there's no guarantee that the Sonics will be here at all, let alone for the fall of '08, so it's business as usual until we hear otherwise.

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