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21 February 2008

And even more R38

Earlier I alluded to the possibility that Nissan might produce a variant of the GT-R supercar to sell at Infiniti dealers.

Jonny Lieberman suggests how this might work:

They could stretch it and bolt on two extra doors, but it would cost about $5,000 more than the existing GT-R coupe. C'est rien: a small price to pay for the knowledge that my Infiniti can whip the snot out of your IS-F, M3, RS-Whatever, etc.

I broached the idea of a four-door GT-R to Trini, who was horrified at the prospect: everybody would be wanting a ride, and, well, you get a car like this, you're entitled to a certain amount of selectivity.

Posted at 6:12 PM to Driver's Seat

Could well be. Why not?
I believe there will be a twodoor-variant of Lexus' IS-F too.

Posted by: ISF-insider at 3:46 AM on 25 February 2008