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12 February 2008

Another Choo drops

Lumiere by Jimmy ChooThis is Lumiere by Jimmy Choo, a sandal more conservative than fanciful. (And JC does fanciful pretty well: to see what I mean, take a look at "Lance," worn in a Shoebunny feature by Kylie Minogue.) It's a metric shoe, 100 mm high: for you unreconstructed fans of English measurements, that's 3.9 inches or so. The cut is described as "sharp and modern," which seems fair enough, though that squared-off buckle strikes me as being something of a period piece. As with any Choos, these will cost you dearly: $585, either in this shade or in fuchsia. Inevitably, I find myself wondering what the Lumière brothers would have thought of this shoe. It certainly lets in a fair amount of light.

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