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16 February 2008

Blatant Schmappery

Schmap offers "dynamic travel guides," either on the Web or through a desktop application. (The latter is handy if you're on the road, away from Net access.) I installed the Oklahoma City package, which was about 4 MB, plus an extra package of photos. The guide has some seriously neat stuff in it: suggested tours, nightlife, submaps of specific areas of town, and breakdowns of restaurants by ethnicity. I can see getting some mileage out of this on future tours. The Web version is similar.

As you might expect, there are minor inconsistencies here and there, but this is probably unavoidable; however, I seem to have contributed to one of them. Under Souvenirs and Local Goods there is an entry for the Route 66 store in 50 Penn Place. The store is described well enough:

Looking for unusual gifts? You'll find them here. Everything from cards, clothing, jewelry, souvenirs and handmade items has to do with Route 66 (but not necessarily with the Route 66 insignia) in this little 50 Penn shop. Some consider Route 66 "the road of life." That attitude is prevalent throughout and no more so than in the recycled road-items such as the picture frames made from old radiators. This store's eclectic collection is definitely worth browsing.

It's also illustrated with a series of photos of Route 66 scenes, one of which is a big sign that says "Route 66 Park." As it happens, Route 66 Park is not actually on Route 66, nor does this sign actually point to the Route 66 store. Since I took the original picture — yes, they asked, and yes, I said they could use it — I feel a certain, albeit small, responsibility for any confusion which may ensue.

Posted at 5:31 PM to Dyssynergy

I, too, gave the permission to use two of my photos from around OKC - and one I took last summer in San Francisco, oddly - and they TOTALLY used my photo of the Habana Inn. Oh, great. And not only that, their map of the Habana's location is COMPLETELY WRONG.

Not that I know where that place is. ;-)

Posted by: Nate at 9:04 PM on 16 February 2008

If there's a lesson here, it's that you can never put too much information in Flickr tags. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:14 PM on 16 February 2008