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21 February 2008

Defining scum

At the start of the 2007 legislative session, Rep. Rebecca Hamilton (D-OKC) introduced a measure to increase the penalties for battering pregnant women; to give you an idea of what she thought of the batterers, she dubbed it the "Scum of the Earth bill." It got through committee with a Do Pass recommendation, but no farther; she refiled it for the 2008 session.

Hamilton explained the measure last year:

"I am proud Oklahoma law allows us to prosecute the scum who kill pregnant women or their unborn children," Hamilton said. "But I am very frustrated that we haven't taken the next step. We need to target these men early enough to save the lives of pregnant women and their babies."

I have no particular problem with this bill, which passed the House on a 95-0 vote today, but I must point out that there's plenty of scum out there, not all of it connected to incidents of domestic violence — which means that next time we have an anti-scum bill, we'll have to be more specific than just "scum of the earth."

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