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8 February 2008

From Bimmer to bummer

Earlier this week I mentioned that very few people I knew were buying BMWs, which I attributed at least partly to the fact that they're not exactly rolling in dough.

Apparently some person I don't know found that condition intolerable:

Anthony Lofink now faces up to 20 years in prison on each of three felony charges: wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He also faces a fine of up to $2.4 million when [Chief District Judge Gregory] Sleet sentences him on May 8.

In court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Douglas McCann said that between May 2005 and October 2007, Lofink used the money to lease a BMW 330i, purchase a Porsche Cayman and get $3,800 worth of cosmetic surgery.

Oh, those irresistible BMW leases. They'll get you every time.

Of course, my immediate thought is something like this: "If I had a 3-series BMW and a Porsche Cayman, why would I need plastic surgery?"

(With thanks to Fritz Schranck.)

Posted at 5:39 PM to Dyssynergy

Phew! For a minute there, I thought the quote said that he bought a Cayman island. I should wear my glasses more often.

Posted by: Patti at 5:46 PM on 8 February 2008

Maybe he should have bought the island. He might have dodged prosecution a bit longer.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:31 AM on 9 February 2008
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