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3 February 2008

Happy returns

I guess. In between spates of dyspepsia, or worse, I knocked out Form 1040 (and Form 511) this morning, Dawdling Tax Service having gotten itself in gear to accept new returns.

Observations on the process:

  • I made little enough to qualify for the IRS Free File program; my filing service of choice — they're quite efficient, late opening notwithstanding — charges for the state return, and apparently the OTC complains if you don't do them both at the same time.

  • The Oklahoma standard deduction — maximum $2,750 for single folk — complicates the matter, since it might still be beneficial to itemize even if your deductions don't reach the Federal standard ($5,350).

  • I am still vexed that the state, when it sends out the 1099-G for your previous year's refund (which is taxable income), includes the amount you paid for use tax.

And I really don't miss TeleFile, which I used a couple of times around the turn of the century.

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Did you notice that nearly all of the online tax services automatically put in '0' for "use tax" unless you change it?

Posted by: ms7168 at 4:22 AM on 4 February 2008