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7 February 2008

No supercars for you

Nissan has 1,076 US dealers, and 1,500 GT-Rs are coming here each year. This would mean that most stores might get one GT-R, maybe.

Actually, as it turns out, some stores won't get any at all:

The 1,500 annual GT-Rs allotted to the U.S. market will only be sold through GT-R-certified dealers.

Higher-volume Nissan dealers who also sell a good number of Z cars will get preference.

Certified dealers also must commit to a top dealership executive serving as the GT-R salesperson, preferably with transactions taking place privately outside of the showroom, and a service manager designated just for GT-R customers. The dealership also must have certified master technicians with special GT-R training, and invest in a specially equipped service bay.

I was loath to fill out this whole darn form just to find out if one of the city's four Nissan dealers might have made the cut, but sidestepping the official GT-R site in favor of good ol' brings up the usual dealer locator and a check box: "GT-R Dealers Only." I checked the box, and nobody was eliminated: apparently all four stores will be getting certification.

It's not like I'm going to be leaving a deposit — the GT-R will list for seventy grand, and I figure there will be enough dealer markup to push it into six figures easily — but Trini's gonna want to see one in the flesh. Or sheetmetal.

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