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29 February 2008

Oh, hi, Brad

That was Brad Henry on the phone just now, telling me how important to the state it was for the city to land this NBA team.

Well, actually, he didn't tell me, precisely: his prerecorded voice played into my answering machine. To the Governor's credit, he kept his message to a brisk 28 seconds, insuring he'd get through the whole spiel before the machine rang off. To his discredit, whoever sent this for him did so through a number not identifiable by Caller ID, which I consider a breach of protocol.

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I LOATHE those pre-recorded "vote for me" or "vote for this" phone messages. I regard them to be the phone equivalent of spam. I would be more likely to vote for someone who DIDN'T use those messages.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 8:09 AM on 1 March 2008

I asked them not to do that down at the office that's handling the "robo-call" machines in question..

--And didn't program the damned things either..

Posted by: Captioned at 10:06 AM on 2 March 2008