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14 February 2008

People who need Peep

And you need Peep whole, because you certainly won't be eating the little sugary critters if you want to enter one of these competitions:

  • St. Paul Pioneer Press: "[W]inners of our fifth annual Peeps Diorama Contest won't just get Pioneer Press swag, they'll also get Just Born booty, like membership to the Peeps Fan Club, an official Peeps T-shirt and candy."

  • Washington Post: "We want you to make a diorama of a famous occurrence or scene. It can be a historical, current or future event, or it can be a nod to pop culture. The main rule is that all the characters must be played by Peeps, those marshmallowy chicks and rabbits that start plaguing checkout lines in every grocery and convenience store this time of year."

  • Chicago Tribune: "The idea is to build a diorama with Peeps as the leading characters. (We're not being original here; we stole the idea from the Washington Post, which did it last year after stealing the idea from the St. Paul Pioneer Press.)"

Nothing like acknowledging a source, I always say.

Now for the real question: will there be an official Belhoste entry?

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