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24 February 2008

Shattering the stereotype

Or maybe not. Here's Spungen:

Just for a moment, flush the Internet, television, and movies out of your head. Now, think about the IT guy in your office. Is he hideously unattractive? Pathetically unathletic? Completely unpersonable?

I'm going to bet no. I'm going to bet he's OK-looking. He's young(ish). He's probably funny. He has to have some charm, because he's got to deal with a lot of people and their problems. He's got a wife or a girlfriend. He dresses casual-hipsterish. He may have tattoos. He may even bike to work, because he doesn't have to dress up. He's the iconoclast in the office, because he doesn't have to conform to the same rules.

Inasmuch as the IT person in my office is — well, you can see where this is going already.

First paragraph: Strike "hideously," but leave the rest.

Second paragraph: Not OK-looking, unless your vision is as poor as mine; not young(ish); marginally amusing; utterly devoid of charm; neither wife nor girlfriend to report; casual but not hipsterish; not about to bike ten and a half miles to work; good at smashing the occasional icon.

And there's this:

I know there are plenty of men working in technology who have very poor people skills. I see them on the Internet. But actual IT guys are a different story. I think they're undeserving of the underdog sympathy the Internet has lavished upon them.

I must have been in the wrong line during this outpouring of sympathy.

Fortunately for the office, there's a second half to this department, the half that actually fixes things when they break, and she's much more appealing. Neither one of us has a tattoo, though.

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For some reason there's a line from the first episode of "Moonlighting" popping into my head, one spoken by Bruce Willis' character and starting, "We're a team..."

Posted by: McGehee at 12:03 PM on 24 February 2008

marginally amusing; utterly devoid of charm

Meh. Not so from the cheap seats, anyhoo. 'Course it probably takes one to know one, so consider the source.

Posted by: Jeffro at 12:10 PM on 24 February 2008

Not OK-looking, unless your vision is as poor as mine;

Such a tease. Where are the pics?

Posted by: bobvis at 8:27 AM on 25 February 2008

Try this.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:00 AM on 25 February 2008