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8 February 2008



What is this?

A transparent acrylic chaise longue that's suspended in mid air by the applied magic of Really Big Magnets. [Hoverit] Directors Keith Dixon and Steve Wild are launching the product at the 100th Ideal Home Show in London next month with an anticipated price of 5,875.

Oh, there are casters in the base, in case you have to move it without, you know, moving it.

And if twelve thousand dollars for a frickin' chair sounds a bit excessive, remember: Really Big Magnets.

(Seen at Fark.)

Posted at 1:32 PM to Entirely Too Cool

Something tells me that chair would be an Ipod/cellphone/TV remote-free zone.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:55 PM on 8 February 2008

The "Ideal Home Show" better hope they don't have sprinklers for fire suppression, just a small magnet close enough to a head can set them *all* off. Really Big Magnets should cause one heck of a downpour.

Posted by: wamprat at 2:00 PM on 8 February 2008

I figure if you've got your credit cards in your pocket, this thing should wipe 'em clean pretty quick.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:14 PM on 8 February 2008

Well, after spending $12K on a chair, perhaps having the credit cards "wiped" wouldn't be such a bad thing.

I don't know. I realize I'm a girl and so things like this impress me less than they might if I had a Y chromosome, but it looks monumentally uncomfortable. I think I'd rather actually sit in one of those 70s-era beanbag chair things. (Except I'm not sure if I could get up out of one of those any more, at least not with more knee and elbow popping than I 'd like)

Posted by: fillyjonk at 2:17 PM on 8 February 2008
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