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25 February 2008

Step up to - huh?

Where's the heel?I know several women who for various reasons won't, or can't, wear heels, and this is not the answer. I mean, it looks like a moderately-competent Photoshop effort instead of a real shoe, but no: it's a platform with no actual heel, designed by Antonio Berardi, and priced to sell at a mere £1800.

The official explanation:

"The shoe has a bigger platform sole which stretches back further than normal and gives support under the arch of the foot. When walking though, you have to put your toe rather than your heel down first and you cannot wear them for very long. They are not dangerous because you would have to lean quite far back before you fell over."

I have to agree: you cannot wear them for very long. Then again, I don't think you could wear them for very long even if they had an actual heel: with the thicker platform, you'd be 5½ inches off the ground.

Posted at 8:05 AM to Rag Trade

Ow! Those look painful. And they're really not all that attractive, as shoes go.

Shoes should either be comfortable or attractive (preferably both). If they're neither, I kind of fail to see the point.

Posted by: fillyjonk at 9:45 AM on 25 February 2008

Who needs waterboarding when you have those engines of torture. Surely those are against the Geneva Convention ... or am I being quaint? :)

Posted by: Ron at 1:45 PM on 25 February 2008


What is going through the minds of fashion designers lately, anyway? (From the looks of what they've been touting, bullets would be an improvement.)

Posted by: Fetiche Nouvelle at 4:18 PM on 25 February 2008

If they had a split in the front, they'd be cloven hooves.

Posted by: unimpressed at 6:01 PM on 25 February 2008

Aha, cloven hooves --NOW I get it. These are Torgo shoes!

Posted by: CT at 12:03 PM on 27 February 2008