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4 February 2008

Strange search-engine queries (105)

Should I be designating these with Roman numerals, as though they were Super Bowls or something? Nah. Why bother? It's just a trip through the referrer logs, fercryingoutloud.

right to die libertarian:  The trick is to become libertarian before you die.

is Bono in illuminati?  Well, fnord to you too.

women who like to give blow jobs in oklahoma city:  Mayor Cornett didn't address this in the State of the City speech.

charles hill expert opinion microsoft yahoo:  It will never work.

The Upside Down Squad sex position:  I assume they're for it.

Why Is My Cat Screaming at Night?  Sex upside down, maybe?

can greyhounds benefit from viagra?  Good lord, no. They'll go after the damn cat.

my mother walks around the house naked:  It's a scheme to keep you from bringing all your little friends home.

does wearing underpants reduce penis size:  If they're too tight, maybe.

sarah jessica parker ugly hideous legs:  Believe me, I've seen worse.

will 35 inch tires hurt my gas mileage on a v10 super duty:  What gas mileage? Gas yardage, maybe.

I just can't believe how much easier it is to find pictures of nude women than it is finding women wearing clothes:  Something about supply and demand, I would think.

etiquette "skinny dip" "mother in law":  You should always let her go first.

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