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11 February 2008

Strange search-engine queries (106)

This weekly feature sifts through the last seven days of referrer logs — pretty spiffy for a mere feature to be able to do that, eh? — and pulls out a dozen or so search strings, ranked by snark potential. Or something like that. It's getting harder to tell how this works.

Foot operated handbrake on Mercury Grand Marquis:  If it's operated by the foot, it's hardly a handbrake, is it?

schmuck von dollheads:  Originally named Peter, but he proved to be something of a putz.

"glass pains":  For example, having to replace a windshield.

st.theresa sends any flowers:  There's no record of her texting anyone.

is flatulence covered under the americans with disabilities act:  Not unless you have to do it on a ramp.

nudist beach marriage proposal:  Careful when you get down on your knees. That sand gets itchy.

Can doo gro cause hair to shed badly:  You want it should shed well?

Do Hydrocarbons burn?  I burned about six gallons in my car last week.

see fantasy nerd girls and a Britney Spears portrait made from chewed-up pastries:  When your fantasies become too specific, it's probably time to move out of your mom's basement.

cut and crown miter saw system green sucky things:  Or your dad's workshop.

nudists vote republican:  Some of them do, though they'll probably get dressed for the primaries in January and February.

what to do when your marriage falls apart because of sports:  Sell the second season ticket so it won't go in the divorce settlement.

Is Dr. Phil McGraw's Penis Uncut?  I couldn't say, but I can assure you that his testicles are in Oprah's pocket.

Posted at 6:55 AM to You Asked For It

So, how many visits are directly attributable to previous posts about referrer log entries?

Posted by: bigwig at 10:49 AM on 11 February 2008

Not a whole lot, but it's a recognizable subset. The actual title string pulls about five or ten a week all by itself.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:52 AM on 11 February 2008
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