The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 February 2008

Strange search-engine queries (107)

Another week, another batch of High Weirdness plucked out of the referrer logs. I don't know which is more alarming: the fact that people actually look for this stuff, or the fact that I've gotten readers from it.

Avoidance in a new relationship:  Isn't it just possible that avoidance is why you no longer have the old relationship?

what do transmission problems sound like:  Open your wallet. Empty it. Listen, and remember.

signs of major transmission problems:  Does your mechanic have a daughter starting college?

Star wars fucking piece of crap trash can yogurt:  Ah, the long-lost Episode VII.

dikembe mutombo tapes penis to leg:  Yeah, but it's his penis, so no big deal.

why is it hard to predict swaths of freezing rain:  (1) Freezing rain requires a specific combination of warm air aloft and a cold layer of air underneath, plus a storm system to induce precipitation. (2) Only a fool takes computer models as gospel truth.

what does driving an infinity [sic] i30 say about the person:  That he probably spent more than he would have for a Nissan Maxima.

what person buys a 7 series bmw, what it says about you:  You can probably afford three Nissan Maximas.

outdoor research trance down sweater hips vs waist sizing:  I can feel the trance coming on and we're not even outdoors yet.

and the rain came in kathy montgomery, dustbury 2.75 million:  Evidently the writers' strike really is over.

town of dustbury:  Somewhere over the rainbow, yet still south of Kansas.

chaz's famous boobs:  Note to self: Get bulkier T-shirts.

According to legend, if on Valentine's Day a goldfinch flies over a girl's head, what does it mean?  Probably nothing. I know lots of girls who read this very page, which features a goldfinch, and it's never over their heads.

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