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25 February 2008

Strange search-engine queries (108)

Some people have this site bookmarked. Some people take the feed. And some people stumble in here because they were searching for something inexplicable. This feature is dedicated to that third group, who makes it all possible.

santa feeding animals ephemera:  This might explain the lack of competitiveness at this year's Reindeer Games.

is she just not interested?  Not in the least.

"as the new york times goes, so goes":  "John McCain," often as not.

word meaning codger:  "John McCain," often as not.

hotest chicks on Earth naked and you can see boobs and private on their body and does't block them:  And I thought I was picky.

windshield damage variations wealthy vs. poor:  I imagine the poor tend to have greater damage, because they can't always afford to fix stone chips immediately, thereby running the risk of a full-fledged crack.

unreasonable superior, snow ice storms, can't drive to work:  On the other hand, they have just as good a chance of winding up in a ditch as you do.

"what do women think" erections in office:  They think you're a boor for bringing it up.

girls who like wearing pantyhose and revving engines:  You can be absolutely certain they keep their distance from the exhaust manifold.

idildo:   Migod, Steve Jobs thinks of everything.

marxism and laughter on the 23rd floor:  Neil Simon was a big Marx fan. Especially Chico.

when i go into full erection my penis bends in some points easley:  And other points not so easley, I surmise.

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santa feeding animals ephemera

No, I'm pretty sure he feeds them Quaker Oats.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:26 PM on 25 February 2008