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12 February 2008

Sympathy for the announcers

Oklahoman sportswriter Berry Tramel, noting that the Dallas Cowboys remain the Dallas Cowboys despite not having played in Dallas in some time, worries about the branding of Oklahoma City's eventual NBA squad:

Oklahoma City voters will have funded two arena projects — construction of the Ford Center and its renovation — yet have an elongated city name that afflicts places like Indianapolis and Minneapolis, who combined have placed their name on exactly one major-league franchise out of seven possibilities: the Indianapolis Colts. Oklahoma City would be the only six-syllable name in major league sports.

And yet no one, except perhaps the occasional Baltimore diehard, complains about the Indianapolis Colts, who work out of a seven-syllable city. For that matter, Tramel didn't exactly fret over the nomenclature hung on the previous Ford Center tenants: the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets. Eight, maybe nine syllables.

Still, he gets it right on the Big Question:

So would it be the Oklahoma City Sonics or the Oklahoma Sonics?

I vote for Oklahoma City. OKC voters and leaders will have made the NBA possible. Their name deserves top billing. And just to be sure, get it in writing.

Besides, "OKC" looks pretty good on those seemingly-endless sports tickers.

[Insert usual "The Sonics aren't here yet, don't be jumping the gun" caveat here.]

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Not to mention how it would suck to be known as the OK Sonics. We had enough of that with the license plate.

Posted by: MikeH at 12:19 PM on 12 February 2008