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11 February 2008

The candidate as rock star

Doesn't really apply to Barack Obama, says Stan Geiger:

Last night, 60 Minutes profiled Obama. A point was made to mention that 650,000 donors have written checks to his campaign. The point was intended to paint Obama as the most popular American icon since Farrah's poster.

So 650,000 of 300 million — two-tenths of one percent of the population — have written Obama a check. My, my, that's quite the show of widespread love. I'll bet more people than that have sent checks to Oral freakin' Roberts.

Yeah, but did Oral freakin' Roberts ever win a Grammy Award? Barack has two.

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And I'd wager that God hasn't threatened to "call Obama home" if he doesn't raise enough cash.

Posted by: david at 9:05 PM on 11 February 2008
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