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15 February 2008

The no-slot jukebox

First, you need to know both title and artist: then feed this information into Songerize, and maybe you'll get to hear the song. I say "maybe" because there is a nonzero possibility that the site won't be able to pull it up for you. On my first tries, I got two out of three: Cat Stevens' "Wild World" and Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him" came up, while Petula Clark's "Chariot," which is the French song from which "I Will Follow Him" was adapted, failed to appear.

How it works:

Songerize is a simplified interface for the music search engine. Think of us as SeeqPod's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

To see what this was about, I went to SeeqPod, ascertained that there were results for "Hole in the Earth" by the Deftones, and came back to Songerize to listen. Weirdly, I got the right song at the wrong speed: imagine an LP played at 45 rpm. I'm wondering if maybe this might have been some sort of ruse to throw off the RIAA's robot minions; I pulled the file out of cache, renamed it, and sent it to Winamp, where it played correctly.

I have a feeling I'm going to be playing with this gizmo entirely too often.

(Suggested by David.)

Posted at 12:23 PM to Tongue and Groove

It's a neat toy, innit? And thanks for the h/t!

Posted by: david at 12:26 PM on 15 February 2008

Kinda neat, but when I tried to get Pretty Ballerina (an underrated song) it said Pretty Ballerina but played Walk Away

Posted by: daryl at 3:59 PM on 15 February 2008

I tried that combo myself, and sure enough, there was "Walk Away Renee."

If nothing else, this would seem to conflict with the claim of being the SeeqPod equivalent of "I'm Feeling Lucky," since the first result on SeeqPod, which I also tried, does in fact yield up "Pretty Ballerina."

At least they got the right band. (I figure sooner or later I'll find a selection where they don't.)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:05 PM on 15 February 2008

Interesting site. As far as I can tell, does the same basic function, but I've found a better success rate in getting the music I want ... plus it gives you a way to queue songs up.

My only gripe is that, for a site demonstrating human interface, it's ugly as sin.

Love the blog!

Posted by: Michael M. at 8:24 PM on 17 February 2008