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29 February 2008

We got our own ghetto

Megan McArdle poses a conundrum:

Suddenly it occurred to me to wonder why clothing for ... er ... the larger man ... is almost always found bundled into "Big and Tall" stores. My father, who is quite slender, doesn't need extra accommodation around the waist; he just needs clothes that are long enough to cover his endless inseam. I wouldn't think there would be much overlap between the customer base.

The even deeper puzzle is why this is only true of men's clothing. The only women's clothes I can think of that are sold jointly to tall women and plus-size women are pantyhose (and I wish they weren't, as I need stockings that are longer, not wider).

Actually, this particular bit of collective ghettoization benefits me, due to my peculiar configuration: included in my 1.83-meter height (five foot twelve, as Tam would say) is a whole lot of torso and not a great deal of leg, so I go for the Tall shirts and merely Big pants. My inseam, God help me, is a meager twenty-eight inches, probably a foot shorter than McArdle's, and she's only two inches taller than I am. Then again, I have almost enough of a waistline to get on the waiting list for acceptance as a Minor Planet. (All right, who's the wise guy who called me an asteroid?) Between Casual Male XL and the King-Size catalog, I can pretty much cover everything that needs to be covered, as it were.

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I generally find clothing fulfillment from Omar the Tentmaker.

Posted by: Jeffro at 3:54 PM on 29 February 2008

But do you grok your own grotto?

Posted by: McGehee at 3:05 AM on 1 March 2008

But, who put the "crotch" in "crochet"?

--Picking at 'knits', so to say..

Posted by: Captioned at 10:08 AM on 2 March 2008