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23 February 2008

Which blew the game wide open

HeatherRadish can probably beat me at Scrabble:

In the third game, I played against an older and elegantly dressed woman. About ¾ through, I had ?AEILOT (the ? is a blank tile) and all I could see was ELATION, but there was no place on the board to hook it in. But there was an F with a lot of spaces behind it, and FELLATIO got 61 points. My opponent challenged, since she was unfamiliar with the word, so we got the tournament director, who is the friend I'm staying with, who insists he's never met me before as he looks it up in the official word list (and of course, the commotion draws attention from people nearby who have finished up their games).

The word is on the list, of course — all the dirty words are allowed in tournaments. And you can hook an N onto the end.

And she did display the proper attitude:

I'm so embarrassed. But hey, 61 points.

Exactly. Although I shudder to think what would have happened had the premium squares been distributed slightly differently and the play had scored sixty-nine points.

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