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9 February 2008

Wind up your radios!

That's the way Dr. Demento always started his radio program back in the day, and those of us among the dementians and/or dementites might giggle a bit because — well, a wind-up radio? Who ever heard of such a thing?

Then about fifteen years ago, Trevor Baylis built a radio that winds up: by 1997 there was a commercial product that would play for an hour after thirty seconds' worth of winding. A lot simpler than hunting around for batteries, especially if the lights are out.

Cool enough, but not a patch on this:

Not content with simply being a piece of technological genius, the Eco Media Player is the very definition of convergence, playing as it does music, video and fm radio, as well as functioning as a torch, sound recorder, photo viewer, mobile phone charger, ebook viewer and data storage device. Oh, and if you want to, you can even record your old vinyl LPs onto it to truly bring your music collection into the digital age!

And yes, it winds up: it's got a fairly standard lithium-ion battery which can be charged through a USB port, but turn it over and sure enough, there's the hand crank. Player capacity is 2 GB, which can be supplemented with an SD card. It might even charge your cell phone for you.

(Via Popgadget.)

Posted at 7:18 PM to Entirely Too Cool

Heh. That's the first thing I think of, when the lights go off, or the tornado siren is blariing-- copying my albums or watching videos.

Somewhere in Nye county, Nevada, the father of Y2K, Art Bell, is sighing. He's been hawking the Baylis wind up radio with optional LCD light, and some with solar batteries, for about a dozen years.

Posted by: localmalcontent at 7:51 PM on 9 February 2008

Some of us don't stay up that late. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:08 PM on 9 February 2008

And *that* is why *they* hate us!!

(Seriously, if I get a few coin of the realm saved up, that would be a great thing to have ... or the C-Crane radio.)

Posted by: Guy S at 11:10 PM on 9 February 2008

Of course, the environment wasn't hurt at all by the manufacturing of this device, and it was probably built by highly paid and skilled people in a worker's paradise. And it saves batteries! Woo Hoo!

Posted by: Jeffro at 11:39 PM on 9 February 2008

My wife actually bought us a wind-up radio after the ice storm that snuffed our power for several hours on Super Bowl Sunday in 2000. The crank also powers a built-in light, presumably so you can find matches to light the oil lamps.

I don't know what value a wind-up .mp3 player is, really. The thing about a radio is, you can listen to the news and get an idea how far away the scavenging zombie hordes or giant alien monsters are.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:08 AM on 10 February 2008
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