The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 March 2008

Back to work

The shuttered General Motors Assembly plant on I-240 is about to be repurposed: Oklahoma County Commissioners plan to ask for voter approval of a bond issue to buy the plant, which will then be leased back to Tinker Air Force Base, just to its north.

The plant will cost $55 million; it will be just one of several projects on the Commissioners' shopping list, which comes to over $80 million. The bond election would be held on 13 May.

In some ways, this is a disappointment, since some of us had hoped to lure another automaker (Hyundai? Volkswagen?) to the plant; still, at least it's going to be doing something other than just sitting there. And certainly General Motors could use an extra $55 million these days.

Update, 19 March: Mike Solowiow quips at TTAC: "Let's hope for my own safety, the Ghosts of GM Past have left the building so Tinker doesn't rebuild my jet to TrailBlazer levels of quality." Solowiow, in Real Life, travels about in one of these.

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