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13 March 2008

Bears breathe a little easier

One month after floating the idea of a black bear hunt, the author of the enabling legislation has had second thoughts:

[Rep. Joe] Dorman's bill would have created a new licensing procedure within the Department of Wildlife Conservation for hunting black bears. Conservation officials have said the bears' numbers have rebounded in southeastern Oklahoma and that they are becoming a nuisance in some areas. But Dorman said re-examination of the black-bear population indicates that there are too few in the state to sustain an annual hunt.

Fair enough. At least they looked at the numbers, as promised.

Posted at 4:26 PM to Soonerland

License? License!!?

We don' need no stinkin' license
!Look over yonder! (Bam, bam)
did you see that red crested swallow?

Me neither. Let's go bag that bare.

Posted by: localmalcontent at 10:50 PM on 13 March 2008

and the we're gonna get them big imaginary cougars next....they're taking over the state -- all two of 'em.

Posted by: TR at 7:55 AM on 16 March 2008