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26 March 2008

But I don't have my wallet handy

The Federation of Canadian Naturists has a bone to pick with PayPal:

After four years of processing subscription payments for Going Natural magazine, PayPal has abruptly cancelled service to its publisher, the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN). Attempts to get an explanation as to how the magazine violates PayPal's "acceptable use" policy have been met with generic e-mails from faceless and implacable customer-service personnel.

Those e-mails falsely claim the magazine is pornographic, and sells "sexually oriented goods or services involving minors" or "services for which the purpose is to facilitate meetings for sexually oriented activities."

I've seen only one issue of Going Natural, but I can't imagine anyone thinking it was "sexually oriented": yes, there's the occasional photo of someone without clothing, but it's about as much of a turn-on as US News and World Report. And there aren't any college ratings either.

The FCN says it's contemplating a lawsuit. [Insert "suit" joke here.]

(From CTV via Fark.)

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