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14 March 2008

Can you change a five?

Obviously we can, but Sean Hackbarth doesn't like the new fin:

Our currency continues to get uglier and uglier. The new and "improved" five dollar bill is now in circulation. "Enhanced security features" fail to give the bill any elegance.

The same is true of any US airport, I submit.

But I can appreciate this after-the-fact comment:

I'm even opposed to the sans-serif font used on that purple "5." A serif font gives the bill more dignity and seriousness. If I want fun money Iíll go to Toys R Us.

(Via Little Miss Attila.)

Posted at 8:07 AM to Common Cents

Hmm, well, okay. Just looked at the pic Sean posted.

When I was a kid I would sometimes accompany my mother to the supermarket. One we frequented -- I think Raley's, but it could have been Compton's (neither name will ring a bell except to northern Calif types)(and it's CaliF with an F. "Cali" is a city in Colombia with a cocaine cartel, dagnabbit!)(anyway, where was I?) had these paper game piece things with numbers on them and if you drew the right one you won something.

That's what the five-dollar bill with the giant purple 5 reminds me of.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:08 AM on 14 March 2008

I drop closing tags when I digress.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:09 AM on 14 March 2008

"If I want fun money Iíll go to Toys R Us."

At the rate things are going, the stuff from Toys R Us will be more valuable.

Posted by: Old Grouch at 11:29 AM on 14 March 2008

Generally I like the new, more colorful money but that big purple sans serif 5... EEEWWWW!

Posted by: Lynn at 3:33 PM on 14 March 2008