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19 March 2008

Did this man spam you?

I mean, how else would he have built up his business?

The owner and operator of an Internet pharmacy that was closed down by authorities was raking in more than $24,000 a day, according to a Delaware County, Okla., arrest affidavit.

Norman Edward Enyart Jr., 60, of Grove, Okla., was operating four Internet sites for his illegal pharmacy, known as the Grand Lake Pharmacy or the Grove Pharmacy, according to an arrest affidavit signed by Mike Eason, investigator for District Attorney Eddie Wyant.

And like the pharmacy, Enyart seems to have two names; he's Norman Edward, or he's J. R. (What, you thought people's initials had to reflect their actual names?)

Delaware County moved in on Leap Year Day:

[The] Delaware County Drug Task Force raided two residences belonging to J. R. and Randy Enyart and two storage units. Authorities seized 2,000 Soma pills, other pills, marijuana, prescriptions, prescription orders, computers, 25 to 30 guns, computers, $17,000 in cash and more than 50,000 untaxed cigarettes.

Eason said the estimated value of the items seized is around $300,000.

Were I as cynical as I like to think I am, I'd suspect that the real motivation here was to make sure nobody bought those 2500-odd packs of smokes, each of which would normally carry a tax of $1.03.

Meanwhile, Enyart is free on $46,250 bail. That's a lot of Soma.

Posted at 7:50 AM to Soonerland

That's probably a lot of Soma, but it's two days gross.

Posted by: Dan Collins at 11:20 AM on 19 March 2008

What exactly is his crime? Operating w/o a license? So what? If the pills he sold were fake, if somebody got sick for buying medicines thru him - then I sorta can see the point. Otherwise - no harm done other than to the State greedy hands. Good for him, I'd say. Give people what they want, and probably for less - a real enterpreneurial spirit.

Posted by: Tat at 1:17 PM on 19 March 2008

Then again, the State hates it when you take matters into your own hands without consulting them (or paying them the appropriate, um, fees), which will weigh heavily against this guy when he goes on trial.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:24 PM on 19 March 2008

It sure seems odd that authorities were not able to do anything while he was on tribal ground, yet he ordered and received his pharmicuticals from off of tribal ground, then he turned around and sent these products back out to unsuspecting people, who lived off of tribal ground. After the first death was linked to his pharmacy you would think that the Tribal Police or the BIA would have stepped in and done something, instead 7 more people have to die, all the while Mr. Enyart is safe on Tribal Ground. The guy was making $24,000 a day and owes back child support in Oregon of almost $19,000. Seems like his luck may have run out.

Posted by: silver dollar at 7:16 PM on 19 March 2008

Yep, both those idiots owed back child support, randy to the tune of 32,000. They were making all this money and couldnt support the children that they fathered or pay their rent. What a bunch of dummies!! I hope they never see the light of day again. They were in it for the free drugs and themselves.

Posted by: idiot watch at 11:00 AM on 24 March 2008