The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 March 2008

Donuts on your lawn

There were four-cylinder Camaros before: in 1982, the third-generation GM pony car debuted with, if you weren't careful, Pontiac's low-suds Iron Duke engine with a single fuel injector and a measly 90 hp. As equipped, it would have been hard-pressed to outrun my seven-year-old Toyota Celica.

Now Bob Lutz is suggesting that there will again be Camaros with four-bangers — though nothing like the lowly Duke. The engine under consideration, complete with turbocharger, has already done yeoman duty in the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky twins, plus a couple of GM front-drivers; it should be good for 260 hp, which should propel the 3000-lb (preliminary estimate) coupe more than adequately.

Then again, drivers itching for a bitchin' Camaro are going to demand more than "more than adequately," and they won't give a bent pushrod about GM's need to meet escalating CAFE standards. Let's just hope the curb weight turns out to be somewhere within a couple of bowling balls of that 3000-lb target, otherwise things are going to get seriously ugly.

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