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8 March 2008

Down for the friction

A complaint from Stan Geiger:

According to Wikipedia, Oklahoma City has a population of about 540,000. So, roughly speaking, 8 percent of the citizens of Oklahoma City just stuck the other 92 percent with a tax increase. That's hardly a case of majority rule.

Well, around 25 percent of the citizens of Oklahoma City are under 18 and can't actually vote, so there's no point in blaming them.

On the other hand, the law specifies that ballots are counted only for voters who actually cast them, so if there's some Nixonian silent majority out there presumably keeping its mouth shut, you've got to wonder why they don't bother showing up at the polls, the only place their opinions actually matter. (About 30 percent of registered voters in the city turned out on the 4th, which is about twice the average for a city election.)

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Apparently people need to be reminded every now and again that the reason people don't vote is, as a general rule, they don't mind how things are going.

If the 8 percent start screwing things up royally for the other 92, that's when hit will fit the shan.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:03 PM on 9 March 2008

This is one of the items I routinely include in my Why America Doesn't Suck litany: a relatively low number of Outraged Citizens. (The fact that rather a lot of such are outraged for preposterous non-reasons merely minimizes their already-low significance.) The political-junkie class can't relate to this sort of thing, because it's so inconceivable to them that people aren't storming the [fill in name of offending governmental institution] 24/7. Those of us who concentrate on comedy, meanwhile, are getting punchlines handed to us left and right, so to speak.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:34 PM on 9 March 2008

a relatively low number of Outraged Citizens.

You are correct, sir. </Phil Hartman (IIRC) as Ed McMahon>

The chatterocracy can't seem to grasp the difference between complaining -- which I suspect people are doing even in heaven -- and being ready to adorn lampposts with the stretched necks of the ruling class.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:38 PM on 9 March 2008