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20 March 2008

Fairly regular behavior

Let's see if I have this straight. They pulled a gun on you and forced you to pump overpriced gasoline into your cars?


Then what's the problem, exactly?

(Via Tamara K.)

Posted at 9:36 PM to Dyssynergy

Should be forced to hand over a pound of flesh as well as a refund :P blood suckers!

Posted by: Lynne at 11:05 AM on 21 March 2008

A reasoned response from a supporter of attorneys general and their actions designed to endear them to voters ahead of their runs for governor:

Bwaaaa! Mommy!

Posted by: Brian J. at 1:52 PM on 21 March 2008

It's Indiana. Land of Stupid.

Posted by: Old Grouch at 8:12 PM on 21 March 2008