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6 March 2008

Hey Norton!

The Coyote sez you're screwin' up his laptop:

It is hard for me to imagine a piece of spyware or malware that puts as many spam messages on the screen, exhibits so many bad behaviors, or is so hard to remove as Norton itself. In the middle of a 30-minute task that was within 30 seconds of completion, Norton just rebooted my computer for some reason. It spams me with messages every startup, keeps adding its own toolbar to my browser, and I am having a terrible time getting it off my computer. Norton is perhaps the worst spyware I have ever had on a computer. Except maybe for the McAfee trial version on my last laptop.

To the sewers with it!

Posted at 7:11 PM to PEBKAC

Ha! I feel his pain. I read a few reviews of Norton backup (or whatever the latest incarnation is called) and bought it as an easy remedy to my data paranoia.

When I got home, I read some of the other 98% of reviews on the big ol' opinion engine that we call the internet. It's still in its box - never installed. If you'd like a lovely yellow drinks coaster for 30 (ONO) I can help you. It comes in a presentation box with a manual that doesn't tell you how to make tea or coffee.

Posted by: Andrew Kember at 4:55 AM on 7 March 2008

I've been avoiding Norton products for years. Won't allow them in my house.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:37 PM on 7 March 2008

No Norton here either. Or McAfee for that matter. AVG seems to work well enough for me.

Posted by: Guy S at 4:27 PM on 7 March 2008

I made the mistake of using the trial version of Norton before removing it when they wanted cash. Now when I boot up I have to restart the firewall. I knew better, too.

Posted by: Jeffro at 12:43 PM on 8 March 2008

If you un-install Norton, in addition to un-installing, also go and get the Norton Removal Tool from their web site to get the remaining infestation out. I'm happy with Kaspersky (except they don't seem to have the renewal system figured out; it was easier & cheaper to just re-buy the program).

Posted by: Carol at 5:51 PM on 8 March 2008

Trend Micro PC-cillin is relatively unobtrusive. We hardly even notice it except when it wants to download and update. And apparently it does what it's supposed to do. We haven't had any spyware problems.

Posted by: Lynn at 8:57 PM on 8 March 2008

I use Avast! -- when my wife's computer needed brain surgery last year the techs installed that in place of ZoneAlarm, which we'd been using (and paying for) for years.

Both our systems run much more smoothly now.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:58 AM on 9 March 2008