The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

23 March 2008

Holey socks, Batman!

Emilio Cavallini Cut-Out Contrast SocksFashion, like magic, relies on misdirection and illusion: if there's something in the outfit you'd just as soon they didn't see, you carefully rearrange things to draw attention to something else entirely. So far, this is the only justification I've been able to come up with for these Cut-Out Contrast Socks by Emilio Cavallini, which are nominally black but which have a very obvious hole, outlined in white in case you thought the hole wasn't obvious enough. In the illustration they seem to be compensating for nondescript shoes, but, the eccentricities of lad mags notwithstanding, I was under the impression that socks with heels were pretty much a dead issue by 1990. These cost £6, around twelve bucks, so it's not like they're using less fabric and passing the savings on to you.

"It's a bold bold choice for a bold bold girl," says Shoewawa. Preferably a bold bold girl who will remember what she bought, so when she finds these in the bottom of the laundry basket she won't panic and toss them into the dustbin with all the other socks with holes.

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