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25 March 2008

How the game is played

Michael Bates is justifiably incensed at what he calls "Sonics madness," and wants to know what happened to all the fiscally-responsible Republicans in this state.

My guess is, they're queuing up for free tickets. The idea of state incentives was mentioned in the letter of intent Sonics ownership sent to Oklahoma City, though I really didn't expect them to be quite so blatant.

Still, this is the price of playing the game:

While libertarians rightly bemoan the notion of forcing taxpayers to subsidize wealthy team owners, they should understand that the market works both ways. If sports leagues have the leverage to demand public financing of stadia as a precondition for moving a franchise to a city, they would be foolish not to use it.

Luring a professional sports team is difficult and generally not economically smart. It is rather galling that the vast majority of a town's residents who will never attend a game are forced to pay for the privilege of added traffic congestion. Nonetheless, there are plenty of cities out there begging for a team. Public subsidies for arenas are the cost of playing.

I suppose this makes me a financial relativist; the best I can hope for, therefore, is to become a financial relativist with season tickets.

Posted at 11:14 AM to Net Proceeds , Soonerland

This is part of why my spectator-sports preferences run thus:

* minor-league baseball, in a park with bleachers, not a stadium

* high school football, on a field with bleachers, not a stadium

* any form of basketball, on the far side of the moon, without TV cameras

Posted by: McGehee at 12:14 PM on 25 March 2008

How Low Can U Go?
with the advent of Sonic's basketball in the coming year, will you promise to be prudent in reporting their scores, both numerical and boxxxed, on the Internet for the reasonable reduction in ticket price of $00.025/game ?

sorry, but there's already a dude in El Reno, who's willing to.

Posted by: localmalcontent at 5:08 PM on 25 March 2008

Well, it won't be the Sonics as such: Clay Bennett has already made noises about leaving the name and logos in Seattle for some future expansion team.

Still, I did a passable job of reporting the Hornets, I think.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:45 PM on 25 March 2008

That you did, to the point where I thought to expect the New Orleans team to come back here, sans hurricane. Championship though, in tow.

Posted by: localmalcontent at 5:56 PM on 25 March 2008

The possibility did present itself, but attendance has picked up substantially in New Orleans, which makes me think that George Shinn will start turning a profit in the Big Easy and won't make any further noises about re-relocation. (Having a playoff-bound team helps.)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:18 PM on 25 March 2008