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27 March 2008

I can has carbonation?

The Jones Soda company is looking for a lolcat:

  1. Make a lol*whatever via our Lol Builder
  2. After u submit or saves it, click on: "Enter This Lol In The Make Ur Lolcat Famous Contest!"
  3. Vote on your and other ppl’s submissions.
The top 5 Top Rated lolz will make the final cut (and win free Jones Sodas). 1 winning kitteh/ goggie/ whatever will adorn Jones Soda bottles across America! Make it funny, make it clevar. Do ur best to earn those 5-burger votes!

Come to think of it, I've never seen Ceiling Cat with a Pepsi.

(Via My So-Called Blog.)

Posted at 6:57 AM to Worth a Fork

The spelling on that promotion makes me want to duct tape the arms and legs of whoever wrote it, throw them in the back of a station wagon and roll it off a long pier.

Meanwhile, when I was teaching college freshmen Intro to Mass Communications last year, they thought this type of spelling and grammar was fine, and most of them were writing at an 8th-grade level. Thanks, Jones Soda!

Posted by: Nate at 9:37 AM on 27 March 2008

Don't blame Jones.

Lolcats. Let me show them to you.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:48 AM on 27 March 2008

Wasn't this done before?

Posted by: sya at 8:28 PM on 27 March 2008

I suspect just about every conceivable cat activity has been loled by now.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:18 PM on 27 March 2008