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7 March 2008

It hurts when I do this

The proper response, of course, is "Don't do that."

It is not, however, a particularly useful response, but there it is. This morning, about two and a half hours into the workday, I picked up a box of forms, and suddenly froze in position: I could move, sort of, but I really didn't want to, because when I did, I felt waves of distress cascading across my shoulder blades.

Don't worry. Take a deep breath. So I did. And it hurt worse.

After about half an hour of wondering just what it was I'd done, I was packed off to some industrial clinic, where I was informed that it was just a strain, nothing more. They gave me a bottle of muscle relaxants, and the above advice: "Don't do that."

If there's one thing I hate, it's being reminded that I'm nowhere near as indestructible as I'd like.

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Been there. Done that. Ain't no fun. Take it easy. Be better soon. And, oh... "don't do that..."

Posted by: Winston at 10:39 AM on 8 March 2008

If it's of any consolation, Chaz, I had it at the ripe old age of 31.
After particularly stressful month I had to pick up an industrial-size box of flowers and load it onto our car's roof (it was a week before my sister's wedding - in Michigan. I was the one responsible for flower arrangements, for the ceremony and reception afterwords, for 110 guests. And I was in NY, naturally. And the finals' week at the college just ended. Etc, etc.)
And I couldn't move. Just couldn't do it. Leaning over there with hell of a heavy box in my hands and an iron stick in my lower back.

Stress, said the doctor - and prescribed a week of rest. Right. Who's gonna do the flowers?!?
I did it, and it was spectacular, and I have pictures to show. But my back has never been the same.

Posted by: Tatyana at 1:54 PM on 8 March 2008