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22 March 2008

It's all Flin Flon to me

Unity Mitford, fourth of the six Mitford sisters, was born in London but apparently conceived in a small Ontario town called Swastika. Her fondness for Adolf Hitler was legendary, and at nineteen she traveled to Nuremburg, met the Führer of her dreams, and became a member of his entourage. It is true that when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, she shot herself in the head, though not efficiently (she survived with brain damage for more than eight years); however, this isn't:

There is a legend Unity Mitford suggested to Hitler that he adopt the swastika as the Nazi symbol due to the place of her birthplace but this is wholly unsupported.

In fact, German nationalists had been using the swastika before Hitler; some participants in the 1920 Kapp Putsch wore the symbol.

But Mark Steyn muses on what might have been:

If only Unity had been conceived elsewhere in Canada and proposed the Nazis adopt the symbol of Medicine Hat, Alberta or Malignant Cove, Nova Scotia or even Dildo, Newfoundland, the history of the world might have been very different.

If not necessarily funnier.

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. . . that civilization hadn't lost the swastika. But I do believe things would be a good deal worse if we had, in fact, lost the dildo. Let's just keep those things going counter-clockwise -- at least, for all future constructions.......[read more]

The swastika was a relgious fetish in various cultures for some time. Lots of stories abound about hiks choice of the symbol; Interestingly, it has been said that Hitler made mention of the swastika that was part of the coat of arms of the monastery school he attended as a small boy. Being a lifelong Catholic the religious symbology no doubt made an impression upon him.

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damn that opposable thumb and keyboard thing :)

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I was observing a high school Japanese class a couple of days ago and noticed that the paper lantern hanging on the wall had a white-on-red clockwise swastika as its main decoration. I figured that proved it was an authentic traditional Japanese import, because makers of cheap western knockoffs wouldn't have dared.

Posted by: Dr. Weevil at 6:26 PM on 22 March 2008