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31 March 2008

Land snake!

Krinkle by Via SpigaOnce upon a time I made reference to "really insubstantial shoes", and I was probably thinking about something like this at the time. It's "Krinkle" by Via Spiga, in a color called "Taupe Land Snake." Really. There's also a "Copper Land Snake," which sounds even more menacing. As strappy sandals go, these are up there with the strappiest. The upper is embossed leather; the heel (3½ inches) has a metallic appearance. Sara at gives it thumbs up:

With the absence of an ankle strap even ladies with shorter legs can pull these off! I really like the simple crossing of the straps and the contrasting dull gold and silver. And the heel is definitely going to get some looks (all good of course) with its reflective surface.

The shoe weighs a whole six ounces; Zappos sells the pair for $189, which works out to $252 a pound. Lack of substance doesn't come cheaply.

Posted at 7:05 PM to Rag Trade

They're beautiful, I agree. Spendy, certainly, but pretty. I really, really, really wish I could wear heels. I need them desperately, but my foot-bones just can't take it. My BFF wears them all day, every day. [sigh]

Posted by: GradualDazzle at 9:52 PM on 31 March 2008