The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 March 2008

No woman, no ratings

Rich Appel's Hz So Good newsletter contains the following tidbit of Scary Information:

Emmis [is] launching a third Rock FM in the Apple. I believe the last time that occurred, the third Rock FM was "The Apple." Two words here, and you faithful pains should already know what they are: Marley Curse. I'm watching this one closely, because if 'RXP fails, it will be the 4th NYC radio station in the past nine-or-so years to do so which, during its tenure, was the only NYC radio station to play Bob Marley. The Buzz played him, they're gone. Blink? Gone. Jack? Gone. I tell you, Marley is bad luck. If I were running a commercial FM, I'd — ahem — dread playing him. Apparently Legend was meant to be enjoyed privately. Don't ask me why.

I'm wondering if perhaps this explains the general stability of the Oklahoma City radio market: you couldn't get these guys to play a reggae record if Jamaica became the 52nd state.

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