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5 March 2008

Nothing died to make these shoes

Desire + Triton by MelissaUnless somebody fell into the machine where they melt down the old shoes into new material, or something like that. This is "Desire + Triton" by Melissa, and it's made from some plastic material called Melflex, which is not your grandmother's PVC by any means:

Melissa Shoes are made from MELFLEX plastic, a patented, hypo-allergenic, recyclable, and extremely flexible PVC. The shoes are totally cruelty free and devoid of animal products. The Brazilian-based company is totally rad in its recycling of 99.9% of factory water and waste, and they also go the distance by recycling overstock styles into next season's collection. Even better? Melissa Shoes employees are paid above average wages and benefits.

I suppose I could argue that 99.9 percent might be technically only partially rad, but I suspect it's far better than the industry average. And since the shoe is "extremely flexible," it's also presumably free of cruelty to your feet — unlike, for instance, this atrocity. The price of $58 is also at least reasonably uncruel.

(Via Popgadget.)

Posted at 7:31 PM to Rag Trade

So I'm cruel, but nothing matches real leather.

By the way, isn't "totally rad" an 80s expression?

Posted by: Lynn at 12:57 PM on 6 March 2008

I have only one question: who'll pay above-the-average wages to company's workers if customers like me and Lynn ignore the siren call of "improved" PVC?

Maybe Melissa should study basic economics first, before going into shoe business.

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:35 AM on 7 March 2008