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23 March 2008

Perhaps they could race MGs there

Jerry Kobyluk's newest venture:

A group of investors represented by Jerry Kobyluk, announced today that they plan to build a 100,000 seat Dome Stadium which will cost 1.2 Billion dollars, in one of three possible locations in the central Oklahoma vicinity.

The Dome Stadium will be the largest of it's kind in North America. It will have a natural grass retractable field on a Hitachi track system that can be removed in forty-five minutes or replaced in the same amount of time. "The retractable roof is three and a half acres in size," Kobyluk said.

The construction phase will create forty-five hundred jobs for Oklahomans, and take thirty-nine months until completion. The multipurpose facility offers an endless amount of opportunities for football, soccer, basketball, boxing, rodeos, concerts, etc. The facility will have 158 corporate suites and over 1 million feet of convention space.

"The benefits from this massive project will create tax revenues for schools, roads, and other infrastructure and will be an enormous economic boost for the entire State of Oklahoma," Kobyluk said.

First note: Stacy Swan, from whose Journal Record story I snagged this, didn't clean up any of the text in the original press release, and neither did I. If you feel [sic] from time to time, I understand.

Second note: Yeah, right.

Maybe it's just that Mr Kobyluk would like to be remembered for something other than, well, this:

Jacqueline Morrow Lewis Ledgerwood ... filed in July to become a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate, hoping to unseat Senator Don Nickles (R-Okla.), the three-term incumbent. To borrow a line from an earlier, more famous, candidate, if nominated she will not run, and if elected she will not serve. The reason for this is simple: she's dead.

Ms Ledgerwood, it seems, died soon after filing for the office, but not soon enough to meet the deadline for having her name removed from the ballot. So in the Democratic primary on the 25th of August, her name appeared alongside the names of three other wannabes. A chap named Don Carroll garnered about 46 percent of the votes, not enough for a majority, so the top two candidates will face each other in a runoff on the 15th of September — Mr Carroll and the late Ms Ledgerwood, who bagged about 21 percent. Jerry Kobyluk, who finished third, complained loudly and bitterly, but the secretary of the state Election Board would not be moved.

Nickles, incidentally, was re-elected, to what would turn out to be his last term in the Senate.

Apparently there's another press release coming:

From what I could ascertain, it's going to be somewhere between more sketchy information and the huge, official announcement that it's actually going to be built — and that it will feature unicorn rides for all the little elf children.

I have it on good authority that the Invisible Pink Unicorn wouldn't be seen in such a place.

(Via The Lost Ogle.)

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