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16 March 2008

Quote of the week

A funny thing happens when you suggest that homeschooling might actually produce superior results, reports Dan Paden:

Usually, the conversation starts out with the other person convinced that I have not a clue about the history, purpose, and results of government education, and that I quite possibly haven't got the brains to understand the subject. I am hopelessly ignorant not to know that government schools are what made this country great and terribly foolish or stupid to think that just about any parent who cares to try can do a better and cheaper job of educating their child than government.

It doesn't take long to poke this idea full of holes. It is really rather like shooting fish in a barrel. We talk a little about the history of education and literacy in this country, and we talk about the results we achieve at home. And we talk about the actual, normal, and ongoing results of government education.

Then the tune changes! At that point, it's, "Well, Dan, I can see how homeschooling could work for you, but you're obviously much more intelligent and informed than most people. Most people couldn't do that."

Thus, in ten minutes or less, I go from being an uninformed cretin who cannot possibly know what I am talking about to being so astronomically intelligent that my personal experience is totally irrelevant to most people.

It's kind of a rush, let me tell you. I encourage you to try it.

Should I mention here that 50 percent of us are above-average in intelligence? No?

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government schools are what made this country great


Posted by: McGehee at 8:32 PM on 16 March 2008

If by "great" you mean "brainless", otherwise to enjoy G-Schools you must be a "progressive" in the original meaning of the word

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 7:40 AM on 17 March 2008