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27 March 2008

Speaking of toilets

Here's a washing machine that mounts over your toilet.

No, really:

This Wasup concept is a combo of a washing machine and a toilet, reusing the water that cleans the clothes in the washer to flush the toilet. It's a smart idea, as no one cares what's in the water they're about to pee into. It therefore conserves lots of water that would normally just be flushed away.

It's also smart in that it saves space for apartment dwellers, sticking the washing machine above the toilet and saving the floor space that the appliance usually takes up. Of course, you'd worry about dropping your clean clothes in the toilet, but as long as you're careful and coordinated this looks like a pretty great idea that I could see many people wanting.

You have to figure that anyone who goes for this is probably not going to ask plaintively "But where do I put the dryer?"

(Via Hippyshopper.)

Posted at 1:54 PM to Say What?

"But where do I put the dryer?"

Mount it on the wall next to the sink. Of course, this will cut down (supposedly) on the number of towels you have to wash (and dry)...

Posted by: McGehee at 2:48 PM on 27 March 2008

Except the washers and dryers are not permited in multi-story apartment dwellings. Especially in the buildings 30+ yo: the pipes aren't designed to carry additional load. In coops the boards invest in the 3-4 commercial-size w/d and install them in the basement. In the rental buildings the tenants just go outside to look for laundromats down the street.

Also, the toilets are usually wall-mounted type, i.e. tankless. Their water supply inclodsed in the partition - do you imagine the headache of cutting thru the wall to 1) to reconnnect water supply to your washer and 2)reinforce partition to support the washer that is now mounted above the toilet? Besides hitting your head to it every time you feel the urge?


Posted by: Tat at 3:31 PM on 27 March 2008

In Florida they seem to have no problem with washers and dryers in multi-story homes.

Anyway, I'd be afraid that that thing would come loose from the wall and fall on my head. There's also something faintly parodic about it -- does it really need to be above the toilet to work?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 7:03 PM on 27 March 2008

I look at that, and I think "Just suppose I leave one sock in the machine," and then I think massive plumbing bills.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:12 PM on 27 March 2008

Andrea: maybe because the hi-rises in Fla are younger than 30 yo?
People who lived in NY apartment buildings in the 1930's (majority of the housing stock) didn't do their own laundry.

Posted by: Tat at 5:50 PM on 28 March 2008

I don't know about all of them -- there are quite a few in Miami that were built in the 70s and even before, but I'm not sure where the washers are. I could swear, though, that most of them have individual washer-dryers; they're all mostly condos, and I can't imagine anyone buying a condo who would be willing to shlep their clothes down to a laundry room. Then again, I've see what people are willing to lay down money for just to live in "glamorous" Miami (choke), so I could be wrong about that.

Most of the apartment complexes in Orlando (where I now live) are no more than 3 stories tall. There are a few high rises downtown, not many. And the ones that are over 30 years old are all 1- or 2-stories, and they don't have washer-dryers in the apartments at all -- they have laundry rooms. (Believe me, I've checked just about every complex in this city.)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:29 PM on 28 March 2008

Andrea, you break my heart. I've been planning a trip to Miami for a year - you mean it is NOT the city portrayed in CSI MIAMI?

Btw, could you give me some tips? I don't drive and I love candy Art Deco - but I'm on a budget.

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:55 AM on 29 March 2008

I want to know what about the poor dogs who drink out of the toilet? Surely THEY care...

Eh? What's that? They do?

Oh. That's right. They do.

OK. What about the poor cats that the dogs give swirlies to in the toilet...?


Posted by: Mark Alger at 10:47 PM on 29 March 2008

Wouldn't there be some kind of soap suds problem in the toilet?

Posted by: mike at 7:37 AM on 1 April 2008