The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 March 2008

Strange search-engine queries (110)

Because (1) it's fun to see what people were searching for, and (2) it's easier than providing Actual Content.

rebate check "positive id required":  Yep, that's a rebate check all right. I'm positive.

hot tub filter destroyed with nair:  "Get in, honey, your legs look just fine."

staffordshire bull terrier how often do i worm n flee him:  Worm; then flee as quickly as you can, because they don't like worming.

terse in heaven-eric clapton  Ol' Slowhand never was all that talkative.

Why should Condi Rice run for president in 2012:  Because we'll be sick of whoever wins in 2008 by then.

will fda not let brokers order their pwn appraisals:  It seems to me that if you're already pwned, the FDA would just as soon stay away from you.

are cab drivers exempt from child seat laws in colorado:  If a cab driver is under four years old, he must use a child seat, unless he weighs over 40 lb.

opposite of "hit with a ton of bricks":  Missed by an ounce of feathers?

fedex smartpost kiss my ass:  It will take a few days.

what is it with marxists and condescending tone:  Standard equipment.

windows restaurant in the sbc building:  There's a blue screen over the salad bar.

pantyhose vs penis:  A defensive struggle. Pantyhose by six.

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