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17 March 2008

Strange search-engine queries (111)

About one-third of the traffic to this site, excluding feeds, comes from search engines, and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff that people are searching for. Then again, maybe you would, which is why we do this on a regular basis.

febreze sniffing in teenagers:  You wouldn't want them sniffing something that smelled bad, would you?

girls smothered in yogurt:  Not on my diet, I suspect.

so attractive, but no one wants:  Sounds like me, except for the "attractive" part.

"supermom tights":  Oh, yeah, like she has time to put them on.

A woman at the age of 49yrs old educated and independent. What are the chances of meeting a nice guy?  Not too bad. Is she wearing her supermom tights?

nudist roommate sacramento:  Well, at least it's some place warm. Sometimes.

coolwhip bikinis:  Not recommended for actual swimming.

when did mercury marquis start to get 27 or 28 miles per gallon: When you turned off the air conditioner and headed downhill.

eliot spitzer penis size:  You're reading too much into that "Client 9" business.

Fake Invisible Girl Naked Pictures:  Look almost identical to real invisible girl naked pictures. Imagine that.

legitimate money making programs that guarantee $500,000 to $1,000,000 in 2 to 3 months:  Maybe, but you have to start with $2,000,000 to $3,000,000.

Sally Kern sucks:  I suspect she considers it against her religion.

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nudist roommate sacramento: Well, at least it's some place warm. Sometimes.

Except in the winter when the inversion layer traps the cold air and tule fog in the valley. Then you'll find it's warmer in the hills.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:13 AM on 17 March 2008