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24 March 2008

Strange search-engine queries (112)

Not a bug, but an actual feature: a sampling of the wackier search strings that have led folks to this very site during the past week, and by extension evidence that the End of the World is Nigh.

irritation & solenoids:  "Name two things commonly found in a transmission shop."

how to dress for the patent office:  Wear something no one has ever seen before.

nude pictures of jim cantore:  Let's hope there's not a snowstorm going on.

sharon resultan nude fakes:  Perhaps you should ask Jim Cantore.

tomtom Navigations system Rodney Dangerfield voices:  "Hey, whaddaya turning here for? I told you this wasn't the right exit. I don't get no respect at all."

Does Anyone Go Nude in Arkansas?  In the Natural State? You must be kidding.

will my girlfriend leave me after seeing big penises at a nude beach:  I checked, and this query did not come from Arkansas.

why the mortgage industry:  You got enough cash to buy a house?

lost virginity in 4th grade:  Yeah, but you were sixteen years old, Jethro.

was faith hill on the beverly hillbillies:  No. However, Sarah Silverman did do a Star Trek: Voyager.

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When I have an irritating solenoid, I use Preparation S.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:27 AM on 24 March 2008