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15 March 2008

The big house

Every Saturday, the real-estate section in the Oklahoman has a list of building permits issued in Oklahoma City, and usually I give it only a perfunctory glance. But once in a while there's something startling in there, and today I managed to stare in disbelief for a couple of moments.

At the very top of the list was a permit issued to Prestige Custom Homes to build a residence at 15532 Laguna Drive. Estimated cost was listed as $1,800,000. No other residences in the list (conveniently ordered by decreasing cost) were even a third as much.

Now you don't see a lot of homes at this price point around here — a check at of houses in 73013 (far north OKC and south side of Edmond) turned up only four houses over $1.5 million. None of them were in Esperanza, a gated subdivision around NW 157th and May, so I'm guessing this must be one of the new "estate" lots therein, which are described as follows:

The Estate lots are entered from our grand boulevard off May Avenue through their own private gates. A quiet cul-de-sac street serves only these ten lots, which range in size from three-quarters acre to one and one-half acres. These estates are nestled on and off the water on the northern shore of the lake. Owners of these beautiful, larger home-sites will enjoy lake privileges. Your children and grandchildren will treasure the time spent fishing with you in our bass-stocked lake. Our estates will offer you the peace and serenity of country living, while being surprisingly "hidden" at one of the most convenient locations in Northwest Oklahoma City.

Their "grand boulevard," not to be confused with Grand Boulevard, is called "Via Esperanza," in case you were worried about the possibility that pretentiousness might be entering a period of short supply.

Still, you have to figure that if there weren't buyers, nobody would be building these things, and hey, we're due for an influx of allegedly-overpaid athletes any day now.

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Must be rough, huh?!

Posted by: Louisville real estate at 9:07 PM on 15 March 2008

Well, it's not something I aspire to: I'm fairly well content, here on my just-outside-the-inner-city block, and I can't see moving to such a place even if I win the Powerball. But that's just me. As the phrase goes, your mileage may vary.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:15 PM on 15 March 2008
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